Implementing High Level Active Rules on Top of a Relational DBMS.

Eric Simon, Jerry Kiernan, Christophe de Maindreville: Implementing High Level Active Rules on Top of a Relational DBMS. VLDB 1992: 315-326
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Active database systems have rules (usually called triggers), consisting of an event that causes a condition to be evaluated, and if true, results in the execution of a predefined action. However, existing trigger languages have a few drawbacks. First, the proposed semantics do not take advantage of well understood and accepted formalisms developed for rule-based systems, and thereby do not capitalizeon existing rule-based technology. Second, trigger languages are low-level languages. These languages require that the user provides all triggering conditions associated with rules. This makes difficult the specification of triggers and their maintenance. In this paper, we present an extension of a deductive database language, namelyRDLl, towards active rules. By active, we mean rules that react to external events. Rules are expressed at a high level so that triggering conditions are derived from rules by the system. The semantics of our rule language is formally described by means of a partial fixpoint operator which encompasses the deductive database and active database paradigms. We also present an architecture in which the system responsible for detecting events issued by application programs and triggering rules, is front-ended to a relational DBMS.

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Li-Yan Yuan (Ed.): 18th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 23-27, 1992, Vancouver, Canada, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1992, ISBN 1-55860-151-1
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