CASSM: A Cellular System for Very Large Data Bases.

Stanley Y. W. Su, G. Jack Lipovski: CASSM: A Cellular System for Very Large Data Bases. VLDB 1975: 456-472
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This paper describes an on-going National Science Foundation sponsored project on the design and implementation of an associative memory system for handling large data base information storage and retrieval. The system uses a Context Addressed Segment Sequential Memory (CASSM) implemented on a head-per -track disc and an array of non-numeric microprocessors for processing data in parallel and in an associative manner. It provides hardware suppport to carry out Boolean searches, data base collection, and the execution of high-level data processing functions. It also contains facilities for processing data represented in several data models. The content and context addressing and parallel processing capabilities of CASSM offer potential solutions to several large data base problems. In this paper, the application view of CASSM is emphasized.

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Douglas S. Kerr (Ed.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 22-24, 1975, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. ACM 1975
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