A Pragmatic Approach to Structured Database Design.

Luiz Tucherman, Antonio L. Furtado, Marco A. Casanova: A Pragmatic Approach to Structured Database Design. VLDB 1983: 219-231
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A database design methodology, based on the concept of module, is proposed as a way of managing the complexity of database descriptions and, at the same tima, enforcing integrity constraints. The design of databases is carried out in two levels of abstraction, the specification level, which is independent of any database managemant system, and the representation level, that refines the first one into an actual implementation of the database.

At the specification level, the definition of a mdule consists of a high-level description of the structures and operations of the module, as well as the integrity constraints. Two module constructors, extension and subsmption, are used to define new modules fron old ones. Extension is similar to the usual view mechanism. Subsumption is a new module constructor that permits adding new structures, operations and constraints to those of old modules, and redefining old operations, tiich may be required to maintain integrity.

The representation level description of a database is carried out using the SQL/DS system, which indicates that the modular database design proposed can be used in conjunction with present-day systems.

Finally, the concept of module graph is introduced to capture the modular structure of the database.

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Mario Schkolnick, Costantino Thanos (Eds.): 9th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 31 - November 2, 1983, Florence, Italy, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1983, ISBN 0-934613-15-X
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