File Allocation in Distributed Databases with Interaction between Files.

Clement T. Yu, M. K. Siu, K. Lam, C. H. Chen: File Allocation in Distributed Databases with Interaction between Files. VLDB 1983: 248-259
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In this paper, we re-examine the file allocation problem. Because of changing technology, the assumptions we use here are different from those of previous researchers. Specifically, the interaction of files during processing of queries is explicitly incorperated into our model and the cost of communication between two sites is dominated by the amount of data transfer and is independent of the receiving and the sending sites. We study the complexity of the file allocation problem using the new model. Unfortunateiy, the problem is NP-hard. We present an approach to three versions of the problem, thus demonstrating the flexibility of our approach. We further argue that our method provides a practical solution to the problem, because accurate solutions are obtained, the time complexity of our algorithms is much smaller than existing algorithms, the algorithm is conceptually simple, easy to implement and is adaptive to users' changing access patterns.

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Mario Schkolnick, Costantino Thanos (Eds.): 9th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 31 - November 2, 1983, Florence, Italy, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1983, ISBN 0-934613-15-X
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