Semantic Integration in Heterogeneous Databases Using Neural Networks.

Wen-Syan Li, Chris Clifton: Semantic Integration in Heterogeneous Databases Using Neural Networks. VLDB 1994: 1-12
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One important step in integrating heterogeneous databases is matching equivalent attributes: Determining which fields in two databases refer to the same data. The meaning of information may be embodied within a database model, a conceptual schema, application programs, or data contents. Integration involves extracting semantics, expressing them as metadata, and matching semantically equivalent data elements. We present a procedure using a classifier to categorize attributes according to their field specifications and data values, then train a neural network to recognize similar attributes. In our technique, the knowledge of how to match equivalent data elements is ``discovered'' from metadata, not ``pre-programmed''.

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Jorge B. Bocca, Matthias Jarke, Carlo Zaniolo (Eds.): VLDB'94, Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 12-15, 1994, Santiago de Chile, Chile. Morgan Kaufmann 1994, ISBN 1-55860-153-8
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