Controlled Access and Dissemination of XML Documents.

Elisa Bertino, Silvana Castano, Elena Ferrari, Marco Mesiti: Controlled Access and Dissemination of XML Documents. Workshop on Web Information and Data Management 1999: 22-27
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XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is becoming the most relevant standardization e ort in the area of document representation through markup languages. Through XML, it is possible to de ne complex documents, containing information at different degrees of sensitivity. Moreover, the processes of document exchange and acquisition, which canbevery frequent in Web-based information systems, are simplified and standardized. In this scenario, there is a strong need for policies to control and regulate the access and dissemination of XML documents. In the paper, we discuss main protection requirements posed by XML documents and we present a set of authorization and dissemination policies that enable both a controlled access to XML documents in a given source and the exchange of XML documents across different sources.

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