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ACM Turing Award Lectures

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1966Alan J. Perlis: The Synthesis of Algorithmic Systems. J. ACM 14(1): 1-9(1967) BibTeX
1967Maurice V. Wilkes: Computers Then and Now. J. ACM 15(1): 1-7(1968) BibTeX
1968Richard Wesley Hamming: One Man's View of Computer Science. J. ACM 16(1): 3-12(1969) BibTeX
1969Marvin Minsky: Form and Content in Computer Science (1970 ACM turing lecture). J. ACM 17(2): 197-215(1970) BibTeX
1970James Hardy Wilkinson: Some Comments from a Numerical Analyst. J. ACM 18(2): 137-147(1971) BibTeX
1971John L. McCarthy: Generality in Artificial Intelligence. Commun. ACM 30(12): 1029-1035(1987) BibTeX
1972Edsger W. Dijkstra: The Humble Programmer. Commun. ACM 15(10): 859-866(1972) BibTeX
1973 Charles W. Bachman: The Programmer as Navigator. Commun. ACM 16(11): 635-658(1973) BibTeX
1974 Donald E. Knuth: Computer Programming as an Art. Commun. ACM 17(12): 667-673(1974) BibTeX
1975 Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon: Computer Science as Empirical Inquiry: Symbols and Search. Commun. ACM 19(3): 113-126(1976) BibTeX
1976 Michael O. Rabin: Complexity of Computations. Commun. ACM 20(9): 625-633(1977) BibTeX , Corrigendum: CACM 21(3): 231 (1978)
Dana S. Scott: Logic and Programming Languages. Commun. ACM 20(9): 634-641(1977) BibTeX
1977 John W. Backus: Can Programming Be Liberated From the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and its Algebra of Programs. Commun. ACM 21(8): 613-641(1978) BibTeX
1978 Robert W. Floyd: The Paradigms of Programming. Commun. ACM 22(8): 455-460(1979) BibTeX
1979 Kenneth E. Iverson: Notation as a Tool of Thought. Commun. ACM 23(8): 444-465(1980) BibTeX
1980 C. A. R. Hoare: The Emperor's Old Clothes. Commun. ACM 24(2): 75-83(1981) BibTeX
1981 E. F. Codd: Relational Database: A Practical Foundation for Productivity. Commun. ACM 25(2): 109-117(1982) BibTeX
1982 Stephen A. Cook: An Overview of Computational Complexity. Commun. ACM 26(6): 400-408(1983) BibTeX
1983 Dennis Ritchie: Reflections on Software Research. Commun. ACM 27(8): 758-760(1984) BibTeX
Ken Thompson: Reflections on Trusting Trust. Commun. ACM 27(8): 761-763(1984) BibTeX
1984 Niklaus Wirth: Toward a Discipline of Real-Time Programming. Commun. ACM 20(8): 577-583(1977) BibTeX
1985 Richard M. Karp: Combinatorics, Complexity, and Randomness. Commun. ACM 29(2): 97-109(1986) BibTeX
1986 John E. Hopcroft: Computer Science: The Emergence of a Discipline. Commun. ACM 30(3): 198-202(1987) BibTeX
Robert Endre Tarjan: Algorithmic Design. Commun. ACM 30(3): 204-212(1987) BibTeX
1987 Abraham Peled: Introduction: Turing Award Lecture (on behalf of John Cocke). Commun. ACM 31(3): 249(1988) BibTeX
John Cocke: The Search for Performance in Scientific Processors (Turing Award Lecture). Commun. ACM 31(3): 250-253(1988) BibTeX
1988 Ivan E. Sutherland: Micropipelines. Commun. ACM 32(6): 720-738(1989) BibTeX
Karen A. Frenkel: An Interview with Ivan Sutherland. Commun. ACM 32(6): 712-718(1989) BibTeX
1989 William Kahan
1990 Fernando J. Corbató: On Building Systems That Will Fail. Commun. ACM 34(9): 72-81(1991) BibTeX
Karen A. Frenkel: An Interview With Fernando Jose Corbató. Commun. ACM 34(9): 82-90(1991) BibTeX
1991 Robin Milner: Elements of Interaction - Turing Award Lecture. Commun. ACM 36(1): 78-89(1993) BibTeX
1992 Butler W. Lampson
1993 Juris Hartmanis: Turing Award Lecture: On Computational Complexity and the Nature of Computer Science. Commun. ACM 37(10): 37-43(1994) BibTeX
Richard Edwin Stearns: Turing Award Lecture: It's Time to Reconsider Time. Commun. ACM 37(11): 95-99(1994) BibTeX
1994 Edward A. Feigenbaum: How the "What" Becomes the "How" - Turing Award Lecture. Commun. ACM 39(5): 97-104(1996) BibTeX
Raj Reddy: To Dream The Possible Dream - Turing Award Lecture. Commun. ACM 39(5): 105-112(1996) BibTeX
1995 Manuel Blum
1996 Amir Pnueli
1997 Douglas C. Engelbart
1998 Jim Gray:
What Next? A Few Remaining Problems in Information Technlogy, SIGMOD Conference 1999, ACM Turing Award Lecture, Video.
Electronic Edition BibTeX
1999 Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
2000 Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
... ...
2005 Peter Naur:
Computing versus human thinking. 85-94
Electronic Edition (ACM DL) BibTeX
2006 Frances E. Allen
2007 Edmund M. Clarke, E. Allen Emerson, Joseph Sifakis

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