The Integrated Dictionary/Directory System.

Frank W. Allen, Mary E. S. Loomis, Michael V. Mannino: The Integrated Dictionary/Directory System. ACM Comput. Surv. 14(2): 245-286(1982)
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The concept of an integrated Dictionary/Directory (D/D) System is discussed in detail, and the state of current systems in both the centralized and distributed database environments is surveyed. For the centralized database environment, three aspects are emphasized: (1) the software interfaces between the D/D System and other software packages, (2) the convert functions of the D/D System, and (3) the environmental dependency between the D/D System and a Database Management System (DBMS). For the distributed database environment, the article elucidates the necessary extensions to the centralized D/D, the additional software interfaces required, and the use of the D/D as a distributed database. An example of a commercial D/D System that is integrated with a distributed DBMS is presented.

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