A Practical Approach to Selecting Record Access Paths.

Dennis G. Severance, John V. Carlis: A Practical Approach to Selecting Record Access Paths. ACM Comput. Surv. 9(4): 259-272(1977)
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The physical organization of information within a database has a major influence on the cost and performance of a computerized information system. The most efficient organization for a specific problem depends on the volume and intrinsic structure of stored information, the frequency and extent of updates, the formats and frequency of retrievals, and hardware accessing characteristics. Since these factors affect design performance in complex, subtle ways, an analyst faced with selecting a database design may well feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. This paper offers the practitioner a straightforward comparison of traditional record-accessing structures. For the important class of applications involving a single record type, this article identifies the three most critical problem characteristics; it structures the essential macro-level design decisions; and it offers a procedure for choosing a reasonable data organization.

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