Fault Tolerance Issues in Data Declustering for Parallel Database Systems.

Leana Golubchik, Richard R. Muntz: Fault Tolerance Issues in Data Declustering for Parallel Database Systems. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 17(3): 14-28(1994)
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Maintaining the integrity of data and its accessibility are crucial tasks in database systems. Although each component in the storage hierarchy can be fairly reliable, a large collection of such components is prone to failure; this is especially true of the secondary storage system which normally contains a large number of magnetic disks. In designing a fault tolerant secondary storage system, one should keep in mind that failures, although potentially devastating, are expected to occur fairly infrequently; hence, it is important to provide reliability techniques that do not (significantly) hinder the system's performance during normal operation. Furthermore, it is desirable to maintain a reasonable level of performance under failure as well. Since high degrees of reliability are traditionally achieved through the use of duplicate components and redundant information, it is also reasonable to use these redundancies in improving the system's performance during normal operation. In this article we concentrate on techniques for improving reliability of secondary storage systems as well as the resulting system performance during normal operation and under failure.

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