Object Technology and SQL: Adding Objects to a Relational Language.

Jim Melton: Object Technology and SQL: Adding Objects to a Relational Language. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 17(4): 15-26(1994)
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The SQL standardization community is hard at work adding object technology to the SQL relational database language. Are these experts merely engaged in a Quixotic waste of their organizations' resources, or are they breaking important new ground that will produce the database language for the introduction of the 21st century? By examining the motivations behind the work, reviewing some of the history behind it, and inspecting in some detail the technical aspects, the reader can form his or her own opinions.

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Data Engineering Bulletin December 1994: Emerging Object Query Standards (Eliot Moss, ed.)
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R. G. G. Cattell: The Object Database Standard: ODMG-93 (Release 1.1). Morgan Kaufmann 1994

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