``Disk Cooling'' in Parallel Disk Systems.

Peter Scheuermann, Gerhard Weikum, Peter Zabback: ``Disk Cooling'' in Parallel Disk Systems. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 17(3): 29-40(1994)
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Parallel disk systemsprovide opportunities for high performance I/O by supporting efficiently intra-request and inter-request parallelism. We review briefly the components of an intelligent file manager that performs striping on an individual file basis and achieves load balancing by judicious file allocation and dynamic redistribution of the data. The main part of the paper discusses our "disk cooling" procedure for dynamic redistribution of data which is based on reallocation of file fragments. We show that this heuristic method achieves excellent load balance in the presence of evolving access patterns. We report on two sets of experiments: a synthetic experiment which exhibits a self-similar skew in the data access patterns and a trace-based experiment where we study the impact of the file fragment size on the cooling procedure.

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Data Engineering Bulletin September 1994: Data Placement for Parallelism (Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, ed.)
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