Rule-Based Consistency Enforcement for Knowledge-Based Systems.

Christoph F. Eick, Paul Werstein: Rule-Based Consistency Enforcement for Knowledge-Based Systems. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 5(1): 52-64(1993)
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A rule-based approach for the automatic enforcement of consistency constraints is presented. In contrast to existing approaches that compile consistency checks into application programs, our approach centralizes consistency enforcement in a separate module called knowledge base management system. Exception handlers for constraint violations are represented as rule entities in the knowledge base. For this purpose a new form of production rule called activation pattern controlled rule is introduced: in contrast to classical forward chaining schemes, activation pattern controlled rules are triggered by the intent to apply a specific operation but not necessarily by the result of applying this operation. Techniques for implementing this approach are discussed, and experiments in speeding up the system performance are described. Furthermore, the paper argues for more tolerant consistency enforcement strategies and discusses how they can be integrated into our rule-based approach to consistency enforcement.

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