Orthogonally Persistent Object Systems.

Malcolm P. Atkinson, Ronald Morrison: Orthogonally Persistent Object Systems. VLDB J. 4(3): 319-401(1995)
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Persistent Application Systems (PASs) are of increasing social and economic importance. They have the potential to be long-lived, concurrently accessed, and consist of large bodies of data and programs. Typical examples of PASs are CAD/CAM systems, office automation, CASE tools, software engineering environments, and patient-care support systems in hospitals. Orthogonally persistent object systems are intended to provide improved support for the design, construction, maintainance, and operation of PASs. Persistent abstraction allows the creation and manipulation of data in a manner that is independent of its lifetime, thereby integrating the database view of information with the programming language view. This yields a number of advantages in terms of orthogonal design and programmer productivity which are beneficial for PASs. Design principles have been proposed for persistent systems. By following these principles, languages that provide persistence as a basic abstraction have been developed. In this paper, the motivation for orthogonal persistence is reviewed along with the above mentioned design principles. The concepts for integrating programming languages and databases through the persistence abstraction, and their benefits, are given. The technology to support persistence, the achievements, and future directions of persistence research are then discussed.

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Key Words

Orthogonal persistence, persistent programming languages, database programming languages, persistent application systems.

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