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Isabel Cruz
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The Advances in Information Systems Research Group meets weekly to discuss research in computer information management systems with particular emphasis on: databases, information visualization, information retrieval, multimedia systems, digital libraries, electronic publishing, and knowledge discovery.

The group consists currently of twelve graduate and advanced undergraduate students who are advised by Isabel Cruz. Outside visitors and other faculty and students join the group meetings frequently. Support is provided by two grants from the National Science Foundation, including a CAREER Award, by NATO, and by a graduate student fellowship from MITRE.

The 2000 ACM SIGMOD Digital Symposium Collection (DiSC) has been produced almost in its entirety in the ADVIS research lab by the production team consisting of Donald Ichiro Lambe, Shereen Abdallah, with the founding editor, Isabel Cruz. In particular, the complete digitization, editing, and compression of the SIGMOD keynote talks by Jim Gray and Ted Berger were performed in the lab.

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