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Database Patchwork on the Internet

Reinhard Braumandl, Alfons Kemper, and Donald Kossmann

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Naturally, data processing requires three kinds of resources: 1. the data itself, 2. the functionality (i.e. database operations) and 3. the machines on which to run the operations. Because of the Internet we believe that in the long run there will be alternative providers for all of these three resources for any given application. Data providers will bring more and more data and more and more different kinds of data to the net. Likewise, function providers will develop new methods to process and work with the data; e.g., function providers might develop new algorithms to compress data or to produce thumbnails out of large images and try to sell these on the Internet. It is also conceivable, that some people allow other people to use spare cycles of their idle machines in the Internet (as in the Condor system of the University of Wisconsin) or that some companies (cycle providers) even specialize on selling computing time to businesses that occasionally need to carry out very complex operations for which regular hardware is not sufficient.


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