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DataBlitz Storage Manager: Main Memory Database Performance for Critical Applications

Jerry Baulier, Philip Bohannon, S. Gogate, C. Gupta, S. Haldar, S. Joshi, A. Khivesera, Henry F. Korth, P. McIlroy, J. Miller, P. P. S. Narayan, M. Nemeth, Rajeev Rastogi, S. Seshadri, Abraham Silberschatz, S. Sudarshan, M. Wilder, and C. Wei

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General-purpose commercial disk-based database systems, though widely employed in practice, have failed to meet the performance requirements of applications requiring short, predictable response times, and extremely high throughput rates. Main memory is the only technology capable of these characteristics. DataBlitz 1 is a main-memory storage manager prod-uct that supports the development of high-performance and fault-resilient applications requiring concurrent access to shared data. In DataBlitz, core algorithms for concurrency, recovery, index management and space management are optimized for the case that data is memory resident.


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