Digital Symposium Collection 2000  



SIGMOD - Demonstrations

An XML-based Wrapper Generator for Web Information Extraction DBIS-Toolkit: Adaptable Middleware for Large Scale Data Delivery DOMINO: Databases fOr MovINg Objects tracking Database Patchwork on the Internet Evolvable View Environment (EVE): Non-Equivalent View Maintenance under Schema Changes Exploratory Mining via Constrained Frequent Set Queries Nodose Version 2.0 Phoenix: Making Applications Robust PowerBookmarks: A System for Personalizable Web Information Organization, Sharing, and Management SERF: ODMG-Based Generic Re-structuring Facility TAM: A System for Dynamic Transactional Activity Management The Aqua Approximate Query Answering System The CCUBE Constraint Object-Oriented Database System The Cornell Jaguar System: Adding Mobility to PREDATOR The Active MultiSync Controller of the Cubetree Storage Organization The Jungle Database Search Engine The WASA2 Object-Oriented Workflow Management System A User-Centered Interface for Querying Distributed Multimedia Databases World Wide Database - Integrating the Web, CORBA, and Databases XML-Based Information Mediation with MIX
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