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This CD-ROM provides a full text index for those papers included in DiSC '01. The index is based on text extracted from the scanned paper images using optical character recognition (OCR) techniques. The accuracy of the text extraction process is limited in some cases by the quality of the original typescript; this can also affect the quality of text that can be selected using the Acrobat text selection tool.

You can utilize the full text index with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 With Search, which can be found under the install directory of the ACM SIGMOD Anthology, Volume 1, Issue 3, or online at Adobe's Acrobat Web Site. Once within Acrobat Reader, select Edit/Search/Select Indexes from the menu, then Add. Select the file index.pdx from the root directory of DiSC '01 CD#1.

To search for specific words of phrases, select Edit/Search/Query, and enter your keywords in the dialog box.

For additional information on performing full text searches, choose the Help/Plug-In Help/Using Acrobat Search menu entry for complete details.

Author Index

Also available on DiSC '01 is an index of all SIGMOD'00, PODS'00, and VLDB'00 authors, along with their contributions. The Author Index can be selected at any time from the menu to the left.

DiSC'01 Copyright ©2002 ACM Inc.