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SIGMOD Record - web edition / September 2005

Volume 34    Number 3    September 2005  



(Entire issue is available in PDF, 3.6MB)
Special Section on Scientific Workflows | Regular Research Articles | Research Centers | Event Reports
Database Principles | Distinguished Database Profiles | Influential Papers | TODS Special Column


SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awards (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)

Special Section on Scientific Workflows

Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Scientific Workflows
B. Ludaescher and C.Goble
Available in: PDF
Integrating Databases and Workflow Systems
S. Shankar, A. Kini, D.J. DeWitt and J. Naughton
Available in: PDF
An Approach for Pipelining Nested Collections in Scientific Workflows
T.M. McPhillips and S. Bowers
Available in: PDF
WOODSS and the Web: Annotating and Reusing Scientific Workflows
C. B. Medeiros, J. Perez-Alcazar, L. Digiampietri, G. Z. Pastorello Jr, A. Santanche, R. S. Torres, E. Madeira and E. Bacarin
Available in: PDF
Simplifying Construction of Complex Workflows for Non-Expert Users of the Southern California Earthquake Center Community Modeling Environment
P. Maechling, H. Chalupsky, M. Dougherty, E. Deelman, Y. Gil, S. Gullapalli, V. Gupta, C. Kesselman, J. Kim, G. Mehta, B. Mendenhall, T. Russ, G. Singh, M. Spraragen, G. Staples, K. Vahi
Available in: PDF
A Survey of Data Provenance in e-Science
Y.L. Simmhan, B. Plale and D. Gannon
Available in: PDF
A Notation and System for Expressing and Executing Cleanly Typed Workflows on Messy Scientific Data
Y. Zhao, J. Dobson, I. Foster, L. Moreau and M. Wilde
Available in: PDF
A Taxonomy of Scientific Workflow Systems for Grid Computing
J. Yu and R. Buyya
Available in: PDF
XML Database Support for Distributed Execution of Data-intensive Scientific Workflows
S. Hastings, M. Ribeiro, S. Langella, S. Oster, U. Catalyurek, T. Pan, K. Huang, R. Ferreira, J. Saltz and T. Kurc
Available in: PDF
Scheduling of Scientific Workflows in the ASKALON Grid Environment
M. Wieczorek, R. Prodan and T. Fahringer
Available in: PDF

Regular Research Articles

Efficient Calendar Based Temporal Association Rule
K. Verma and O. P. Vyas
Available in: PDF
Artemis Message Exchange Framework: Semantic Interoperability of Exchanged Messages in the Healthcare Domain
V. Bicer, G.B. Laleci, A. Dogac and Y. Kabak
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

Database Research at Bilkent University
O. Ulusoy
Available in: PDF
Data Management Research at the Middle East Technical University
N. Cicekli, A. Cosar, A. Dogac, F. Polat, P. Senkul, I. Toroslu and A. Yazici
Available in: PDF

Event Reports

Report on the Workshop on Wrapper Techniques for Legacy Data Systems
Ph. Thiran, T. Risch, C. Costilla, J. Henrard, Th. Kabisch, J. Petrini, W-J. van den Heuvel and J-L. Hainaut
Available in: PDF
Exchange, Integration and Consistency of Data. Report on the ARISE/NISR Workshop
L. Bertossi, J. Chomicki, P. Godfrey, P.G. Kolaitis, A. Thomo, and C. Zuzarte
Available in: PDF

Database Principles

Query Answering Exploiting Structural Properties
F. Scarcello
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

John Wilkes Speaks Out
Marianne Winslett
Available in: PDF

Influential Papers

Reminiscences on Influential Papers - Kenneth A. Ross ed.
Graham Cormode, Amol Deshpande, Panagiotis Ipeirotis, Donald Kossmann, Lucian Popa
Available in: PDF

TODS Special Column

TODS Report
R. Snodgrass
Available in: PDF

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