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SIGMOD Record - web edition / September 2012

Volume 41    Number 3    September 2012  



Database Principles | Surveys | Distinguished Database Profiles
Research Centers | Industrial Perspectives | Reports | Announcements


ENTIRE ISSUE - 56 pages (in: PDF)

SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awardees (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)

Database Principles

Semiring-Annotated Data: Queries and Provenance Algebras
Grigoris Karvounarakis and Todd J. Green
Available in: PDF


Handling Temporal Information in Web Search Engines
Edimar Manica, Carina F. Dorneles and Renata Galante
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

Ryan Johnson Speaks Out
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

dbTrento: The Data and Information Management group at the University of Trento
Available in: PDF

Industrial Perspectives

Temporal Features in SQL:2011
Krishna Kulkarni and Jan-Eike Michels
Available in: PDF


A High-Throughput In-Memory Index, Durable on Flash-based SSD
Thomas Kissinger, Benjamin Schlegel, Matthias Boehm, Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner
Available in: PDF
Report of the International Workshop on Business Intelligence and the Web – BEWEB 2011
Jose-Norberto Mazón, Irene Garrigós, Florian Daniel and Malu Castellanos
Available in: PDF


SIGMOD 2013 Call for Contributions
Available in: PDF
SIGMOD 2013 Call for Research Papers
Available in: PDF
PODS 2013 Call for Research Papers
Available in: PDF

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