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SIGMOD Record - web edition / September 2014

Volume 43    Number 3    September 2014  



Current Issue

Database Principles | Research and Vision Papers | Surveys
System and Prototypes | Research Centers | Reports | Announcements


ENTIRE ISSUE - 76 pages (in: PDF)

SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awardees (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)

Database Principles

Automatic Verification of Database-Centric Systems
Alin Deutsch, Richard Hull, and Victor Vianu
Available in: PDF

Research and Vision Papers

Towards Total Traffic Awareness
Chenjuan Guo, Christian S. Jensen, and Bin Yang
Available in: PDF


A Survey on XML Fragmentation
Vanessa Braganholo and Marta Mattoso
Available in: PDF
Approaches and Challenges in Database Intrusion Detection
Ricardo Jorge Santos, Jorge Bernardino, and Marco Vieira
Available in: PDF

Systems and Prototypes

Text-Mining, Structured Queries, and Knowledge Management on Web Document Corpora
Hamid Mousavi, Maurizio Atzori, Shi Gao, and Carlo Zaniolo
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

The Database Group at TUM
Available in: PDF


The Beckman Report on Database Research
Daniel Abadi, Rakesh Agrawal, Anastasia Ailamaki, Magdalena Balazinska,
Available in: PDF
A Panorama of Imminent Doctoral Research in Data Mining
Aparna S. Varde and Nikolaj Tatti
Available in: PDF


Call for Papers for EuroSys 2015
Available in: PDF
Call for Participation for SoCC 2014
Available in: PDF

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