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  • All the information about the current SIGMOD Record Editor and Associate Editors is available in the Record Editors page.
  • Michael Franklin is responsible for the new look for SIGMOD Record in September 1999 (its first update since 1986). The web edition site was redesigned by Alexandros Labrinidis in September 1999, and also updated in June 2000 (in order to keep in sync with the ACM SIGMOD Online site redesign by Traffx Design).
  • Alexandros Labrinidis (Univ. of Maryland) and Michael Franklin (Univ. of California, Berkeley) are responsible for the Winter 1997 transformation of the SIGMOD Record section of the SIGMOD web server into ``SIGMOD Record - web edition''.
  • Here is a list of people who helped with the SIGMOD Record web pages in the past.


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