Investigation of Algebraic Query Optimisation Techniques for Database Programming Languages.

Alexandra Poulovassilis, Carol Small: Investigation of Algebraic Query Optimisation Techniques for Database Programming Languages. VLDB 1994: 415-426
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A major challenge still facing the designers and implementors of database programming languages (DBPLs) is that of query optimisation. We investigate algebraic query optimisation techniques for DBPLs in the context of a purely declarative functional language that supports sets as first-class objects. Since the language is computationally complete issues such as non-termination of expressions and construction of infinite data structures can be investigated, whilst its declarative nature allows the issue of side effects to be avoided and a richer set of equivalences to be developed. The support of a set bulk data type enables much prior work on the optimisation of relational languages to be utilised. Finally, the language has a well-defined semantics which permits us to reason formally about the properties of expressions, such as their equivalence with other expressions and their termination.

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Jorge B. Bocca, Matthias Jarke, Carlo Zaniolo (Eds.): VLDB'94, Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 12-15, 1994, Santiago de Chile, Chile. Morgan Kaufmann 1994, ISBN 1-55860-153-8
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