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ยป Guidelines for submissions to the Influential Papers column

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Anybody who has published a paper in a refereed database conference or journal may submit to the Influential Papers column.

  1. Precisely one paper can be identified. Please provide a complete citation.
  2. The paper should not have been authored by you.
  3. Your contribution should be one or two paragraphs in length, and at most 400 words.
  4. The focus should be on the specifics of how the paper influenced you.
  5. Include your name, affiliation, and email address.
I purposefully have left you much freedom. The paper can be an old one, or a recent one. It can be a SIGMOD paper, or an ACM paper, or a paper in some other venue, a paper outside of databases, or even a paper that someone has already written about in a previous column. Your contribution can be quite technical, or can be more general and philosophical. It can be serious, whimsical, or humorous.

Submissions should be sent to


Last update: December 2, 2009
Please send comments or suggestions to Alexandros Labrinidis.


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