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Index of Publicty Available Database Software

The software systems and tools listed below were announced to be available free of charge - at least as beta releases and at least for academic and/or personal use. See instructions at the end of the page on how to submit new entries to the list or to correct existing entries. Also report when a package is no longer available free of charge.


An extensible, main-memory, Object-Oriented (OO), and distributed multi-database system from University of Uppsala.
Approximate Search Engines for Structure, software for approximate searching for patterns in tree (e.g. XML, hierarchies) and graph (e.g. chemical) data. In addition, some software for data mining and clustering.
Berkeley Database
Open source DBMS for embedded systems, originally developed at Berkeley; download and use free but not re-distribution.
Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer, a program designed to extract Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) from (possibly incomplete) databases.
BIM Standard Edition
Free DBMS by Matthew Farhat that organizes text and arithmetic equations; includes organizational user specified template hierarchy, GUI, cross-table spreadsheets, search engine, documentation, and internet sockets.
Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer, a program designed to extract Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) f rom (possibly incomplete) databases.
Interval timestamped temporal deductive database system running as a frontend to the commercial (relational) database system Oracle.
A multi-user meta data repository system with a graphical user interface that allows to engineer customized modeling environments via its logic-based meta-modeling capabilities.
Root directory for Coral deductive DBMS from Wisconsin.
Deductive and object-oriented database system from Mississippi State University. Demo also available.
A Windows CASE tool supporting most DB engineering processes from University of Namur. Supports most current conceptual and physical models.
db4o - database for objects - is a Java object database. The free edition is redistributable in non-commercial applications.
AT&T; Bell Laboratories' Storage Manager.
Root directory for Exodus (DBMS substrate) from Wisconsin.
Open source relational database offering many ANSI SQL-92 features. Runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms.
A Deductive Object Oriented Database System implementing F-Logic, developed at the University of Freiburg.
ODBC 2.0 SQL implementation with recovery and secure TCP/IP client/server access modes.
Generalized Search Tree (GiST) software, developed at UC Berkeley, allows researchers to quickly develop and experiment with indexing schemes for new data types.
The GSTD algorithm generates sets of moving (point or rectangular) objects to benchmark spatio-temporal DBMSs. Includes source code and a visualization tool for implementing various scenarios.
High-performance implementation of the distributed object management system specified in the international PCTE standards ECMA-149/158 and ISO 13719.
Berkeley FTP directory containing 1989 Ingres tar file.
Rather complete RDBMS (SQL, ACID,...) that is now developed in an open source framework.
An Extendable Relational Algebra Processor.
Multi-user object-centred database system developed around 1994 at the University of Linkoping.
Distributed Database Management System from UC Berkeley.
Mckoi SQL Database
Mckoi SQL Database is a complete SQL management system written entirely in Java. It can operate as a multi-threaded multi-user database server or embedded in a Java application. Released under the GPL open source license.
C++ class library for persistent structured data.
Object-Oriented DBMS (MOOD) from Turkey.
Multidatabase system using Oracle7, Sybase, Adabas D and MOOD, implemented on top of DEC's ObjectBroker CORBA implementation.
A system from the University of Arizona that supports the management of multiple calendars, through temporal extensions to SQL. A main-memory DBMS is also available that can be used as a substrate for the calendar system.
Popular Open Source SQL database system.
An SQL DBMS distributed under Mozilla/GPL licence. Includes SQL engine, ODBC interface, front end, samples and documentation and complete source code.
OLE DB is a freely published specification and Software Development Kit (SDK) designed with industry-wide participation for data access to diverse information sources, regardless of location or type.
The Open Source Database Project develops a database benchmark suite based on the AS3AP benchmark which anyone can download and use to test/optimise their hw/sw combination (SQL-based).
OO7 Benchmark
OO7 benchmark from Wisconsin.
Orient ODBMS
A light object server that is ODMG 3.0 compliant. Beta version is free for non-commercial use (see license terms).
An object-oriented database management system completely implemented in Java and distributed under an open source license.
Application-oriented Micro-kernel DBMS which supports parallel and active features.
Open-source SQL database system originally derived from a commercial product.
Object-relational DBMS (last Berkeley release).
Web-supported public-domain successor to Berkeley Postgres.
PREDATOR is an object-relational database system developed at Cornell University and now maintained at University of Copenhagen. PREDATOR is supported as a research and educational tool. Source code is available.
Relationlog 1.0
A persistent deductive database system from the University of Regina in Canada. Supports inference on nested and complex-object relations with declarative semantics.
Deductive Object Oriented Database System developed by the Department of Computing & Electrical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University.
Rule-based Object Language is a deductive object-oriented database system developed at the University of Regina in Canada.
SQL-based DBMS from SAP with object-oriented extensions distributed under GNU General Public Licence (kernel) and GNU Lesser General Public License (client, programming interface).
Object-oriented database system developed at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.
Free and open-source SQL database server delivered as a library of C routines. Sources are not copyrighted and may be used for any purpose (as the home page says).
Texas Persistent Store
Root directory for the Texas Persistent Store, a DBMS that has a memory-mapped architecture similar to that of ObjectStore.
ThinkSQL is a relational database server aiming at full ISO SQL compatibility. Beta version is free for download.
The VisDB system is a visual data mining techniques, which allows an exploration of large databases.
Object-oriented database management system that was developed over the past years at GMD-IPSI.
W3QS is a query system for the WWW.
WebSQL is a declarative query language that helps automate Web navigation and search.
The Windows-based Relational Database Educational Tool provides students with a hands-on approach to learning the formal query languages and SQL-89.
WinSQL Lite
A user interface for SQL-based DBMSs that connects via ODBC to any kind of target database server. Lite version is free of charge. This tool is meant for database administrators.
Object-oriented database for Windows and PocketPC. "Instantiate, reference, copy, cut, paste, delete objects with the ease of File Explorer like GUI." ActiveX DLL interface compatible with VB, C, Delphi, ASP.
XSB System
Prolog-based XSB deductive database system originated at SUNY Stony Brook. Includes a datalog interpreter, support for HiLog terms, and support for the well-founded semantics.
Xplain2sql translates the Xplain database definition and manipulation language to various SQL dialects including ANSI, InterBase, TransactSQL and PostgreSQL.
The GMD-IPSI XQL engine is a Java based database for native XML documents. It uses a persistent W3C DOM for storage and XQL'98 for queries. Free for personal and academic use.

Additional available systems, including short text summaries, can be found by looking in the compilation of vendors and prototype systems in the comp.object FAQ.

Report here new free software or updates to this list.

This list is currently maintained by Manfred Jeusfeld, last update: 21-Feb-2003

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