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17. SEKE 2005: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

William C. Chu, Natalia Juristo Juzgado, W. Eric Wong (Eds.): Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE'2005), Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, July 14-16, 2005. 2005, ISBN 1-891706-16-0 BibTeX

Keynote Papers

Session A4: Chronobot for Time and Knowledge Management

Session B4: Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology

Session C4: E-Business: Management and Application

Session B5: Reuse

Session C5: Ontologies for Software Engineering

Session BF1: Aspect-Oriented Design & Software Development

Session CF1: Software Agents and Design Patterns

Session BF2: UML

Session CF2: Process

Session AF3: Specification

Session BF3: Testing I

Session CF3: Web Technology

Session AF4: Design

Session BF4: Testing II

Session CF4: Software Quality

Session AF5: Architecture I

Session BF5: Automated Software Analysis

Session AS1: Requirement

Session BS1: Data and Knowledge Base

Session CS1: Data and Text Mining

Session AS2: Security & Parallel Computing

Session BS2: AI & Agent-based System

Session CS2: Internet Web

Session AS3: Specification

Session BS3: Service Oriented Computing

Session CS3: Component & Reuse

Session AS4: Techniques & Algorithms I

Session BS4: Empirical Software Engineering

Session CS4: Requirement & Architecture

Session AS5: Architecture II

Session BS5: Techniques & Algorithms II

Session A5: Digital Media

Session CS5: Panel on Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering (EUSE)

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