Collected Works of E. F. Codd

Edgar F. Codd is the Turing Award recipient 1981.

For his fundamental and continuing contributions to the theory and practice of database management systems. He originated the relational approach to database management in a series of research papers published commencing in 1970. His paper "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks" was a seminal paper, in a continuing and carefully developed series of papers. Dr. Codd built upon this space and in doing so has provided the impetus for widespread research into numerous related areas, including database languages, query subsystems, database semantics, locking and recovery, and inferential subsystems.

Most works of E. F. Codd were republished on Volume 1-4 of the ACM SIGMOD Anthology (click his name for a complete listing). CDROM 5-1 (and DVD 2) contains additional early papers of the originator of the relational model: Acknowledgement: These papers were collected by Paul R. McJones for the ACM SIGMOD Anthology.
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