Querying Multiple Features of Groups in Relational Databases.

Damianos Chatziantoniou, Kenneth A. Ross: Querying Multiple Features of Groups in Relational Databases. VLDB 1996: 295-306
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Some aggregate and grouping queries are conceptually simple, but difficult to express in SQL. This difficulty causes both conceptual and implementation problems for the SQL-based database system. Complicated queries and views are hard to understand and maintain. Further, the code produced is sometimes unnecessarily inefficient, as we demonstrate experimentally using a commercial database system. In this paper, we examine an important class of queries involving (potentially repeated) selection, grouping and aggregation over the same groups, and propose an extension of SQL syntax that allows the succinct representation of these queries. We propose a new relational algebra operation that represents several levels of aggregation over the same groups in an operand relation. We investigate the relationships between various algebraic sublanguages incorporating our new operator, and demonstrate that the extended relational operator can be evaluated using efficient algorithms. We describe a translation from the extended SQL language into our algebraic language. The resulting algebraic expression is then suitable for efficient evaluation. Even though the operator does not give additional expressive power to the relational algebra, it does allow an important subset of queries to be succinctly expressed and efficiently evaluated. We have implemented a preprocessor that evaluates our extended language on top of a commercial database system. We demonstrate that on a variety of examples, our implementation improves performance over standard SQL representations of the same examples by orders of magnitude.

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T. M. Vijayaraman, Alejandro P. Buchmann, C. Mohan, Nandlal L. Sarda (Eds.): VLDB'96, Proceedings of 22th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 3-6, 1996, Mumbai (Bombay), India. Morgan Kaufmann 1996, ISBN 1-55860-382-4
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