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Web Streaming and Social Media

SIGMOD/PODS 2012 @ Hive Open Research Network

During the ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2012 conference, we will use the social network hosted at the Hive site and its IOS and Android apps for general communication and interactions.

Using Hive, you can keep track of the technical sessions, download supporting material (such as posters), share your ideas, ask questions, give comments, follow tweets, meet colleagues, make connections, and expand your research network.

Hive is an open research network -- a social platform for fostering scientific interactions. The open nature of Hive network implies that all your online interactions through Hive (e.g., questions, comments, check-in status, connections) are all public.

We have already created accounts for SIGMOD/PODS 2012 authors and early registrants to the conference. Please first try to locate yourself using the "search" function. If you are already in the system, you can get access to your account by recovering/resetting your password using the 'Forgot your Password?' function at the right hand side of this page. Please use your email as your username; if the system locates your email in our database, then it will forward you instructions, describing how to reset your password by email. If you are not in the system, then you can easily create an account by following the "Join us Now!" link. At the Hive site, you can also find a brief video about how to use of various functionalities of HIVE.

Hive currently is at its Beta stage and your comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Please contact and/or for any questions and or difficulties accessing Hive.

Web Streaming

This year we will webcast the SIGMOD and PODS keynotes and the awards session. To access the SIGMOD/PODS webcasts please click on this link. Note that there will not be any content until half an hour before the broadcast. The schedule of the webcast sessions is as follows:

Note that web streaming requires Windows Media Player. If you are using a non-Windows platform, we recommend you install and use the VLC Media Player.

Hashtags for Social Media

A Twitter account has been set up for SIGMOD/PODS 2012: (@acmsigmod2012).

Here are the different options for SIGMOD papers:

Here are the different options for PODS papers:

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