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The industrial track is the forum for high quality presentations on innovative commercial software, systems, and services for all facets of information technology, such as database systems, information retrieval systems, big data, cloud computing, crowdsourcing, social media, information integration and analytics. We also encourage submissions on experiences with innovative applications. Submissions that do not relate to commercial software or industrial-strength software intended for wide use are discouraged.

We invite proposals for individual talks for the industrial track to be submitted electronically via the industrial track submission website. A talk proposal can be up to two pages. Reviews will not be provided for talk proposals. The industrial track committee will contact potential speakers upon review of proposals for further details and evaluation. Invitation for a talk may or may not result in a paper published in the conference proceedings. This decision will be at the discretion of the industrial track PC. We also invite proposals for entire sessions, which can be sent by email to the Industrial Program Chair. Such proposals should be about a coherent theme of relevance to the data management industry and identify potential speakers in the session. The deadline for the submissions is November 1st, 2011 5pm PST (the same deadline for research paper submission).

Submissions should be uploaded through the submission site at:

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